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This is a newly-coined word as one of the outcomes
of elaborate makeup rubbing off together with skin
irritation and troubles increasing due to face masks
that have become a part of our daily life due to the
COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to point out some skin and makeup problems that can be induced by face masks,
and then introduce mask-friendly makeup products that don’t rub off into the mask,
while also provide relief and care for tired skin.

You’ll find your face mask covered in makeup when you
take it off during the day. There also will be makeup that
has caked or rubbed off as well as flakiness of skin here
and there. Fixing makeup over irritated skin will only end
up with a messier looking skin texture and flakiness.
Wearing a face mask all day long leads to moistness on
the inside and the pores get clogged by the mixture of
sweat, waste matter and makeup, resulting in skin
troubles. This is what is called ‘maskne’, the new acne.
Maskne will grow worse if you fail to perform a thorough
cleansing and leave factors that induce troubles.
Do you often struggle with red, irritated skin when you return home at the end of the day after a full day of wearing your mask?
The mask elevates skin stress due to the pressing and friction that continues throughout the day, all while increasing the skin’s temperature due to the absence of ventilation. All of these cause the skin to become prone to contact dermatitis or accelerated aging.


Light, foundation-free makeup that doesn’t rub off onto the mask

If foundation feels overwhelming but you hesitate to go outside with no makeup on, we recommend using
foundation-free makeup, which involves tone-up cream or a makeup base for light skin correction.

Featuring a tone-up effect to brighten up the complexion paired with UV protection, Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up Cream SPF30 PA++ is the only thing you need to complete a light tone-up makeup.

Simultaneously enjoy the natural skin tone and UV shielding offered by Mineral Makeup Base to let your skin stay relaxed inside the face mask all day long.


Creating a skin veil over finished makeup to
improve the staying power of your makeup

If you can’t let go of foundation, here are some products that help protect makeup from melting,
clumping, getting removed and rubbing off.

1. After your basic skincare routine, put on a small amount of Pore Blur Powder, which features fine and lightweight particles to control the sebum released and keep your skin soft for a long time, without rubbing off onto the mask.

2. After Applying the powder, lightly apply Vivid Jelly Tint, a quick-dry item with long-lasting vivid color, and your mask-friendly makeup is done!


Special care for skin that is suffering due to
the pressure on skin caused from wearing a face mask all day long

Recommending cleansers and soothing solutions with concrete effects for calming skin and reducing heat
from mask-induced skin stress

1. Use Bija Cleansing Gel, an effective skin protector and trouble solution, to lightly massage and wash the pores that have been suffocating inside the mask all day long.

2. Then, remove any remaining skin trouble inducers from deep inside the pores with Bija Trouble Facial Foam.

3. After cleansing, use Capsule Recipe Pack to relieve heat and inflammation and soothe irritated skin from being behind a face mask all day long.